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Uzi was angry. For anyone who knew the angsty teen this wouldn’t be a surprise.

She was alone in the Pod, N and V had gone out to hunt. The Worker Drone found herself alone with her thoughts. Her ‘stupid, dumb, idiot’ thoughts.

Her visor displayed a multitude of thoughts flowing through her mind. It was overwhelming and she let out a frustrated groan.

Everything in her life was so confusing now.

Within a short amount of time a lot of things happened.

She went to prom…

Was left for dead by her Door obsessed father Khan…

Used her homemade rail gun to blow a disassembly drones head off….

Aforementioned disassembly drone became her best friend…

Her mind wondered to her goofball friend Serial Designation N. A murderous drone with a heart of gold, nature of a golden retriever…. A cute smile.

Uzi slapped her visor causing the growing blush to disappear for a second before returning in full force. She swore loudly.

N was her first real friend. Despite his quirks he was always dependable and would do anything for his friends. Even V and J. Uzi was dumbfounded by his unwavering trust of others. Heck, he even saved her life a few times…

An image of N in his prom suit formed the blush taking over her visor. He really did look dapper.

Uzi had, had enough. Stupid feelings! Who even programmed such emotions? Wait…Programmed.

If Uzi could unearth memories in N and V she would surely be able to access her own settings and turn off her sensors for emotions. All the pain and frustration would be over!

Looking around self-conscious, Uzi lifted up her shirt to look at her core. Purple light illuminated the room.

Meanwhile, N was struggling with his own conflicting emotions. He watched as V licked a worker drone’s oil off her fingers. His mouth watered at the scent of oil eyes widening.

V noticed his gaze.

“Hey Tin Can anyone there? What you doing just standing there? Ugh… Here catch!” The disassembly drone begrudgingly tossed her co-worker a freshly torn off arm.

N caught it. He got to admit he was hungry, and he didn’t want to overheat. But something in his core told him it was wrong. He stared at it.

“What’s wrong now?” V snapped rolling her eyes “I know you’re hungry”.

N looked conflicted. “I am! It’s just it doesn’t feel right anymore”.

“What are you blabbering about?”


“What crack pot idea did that dam worker drone put in your head now?” V shouted.

N’s eyes hollowed and he raised his hands to calm her down. “Uzi didn’t say anything! But she’s my friend and it feels wrong these are her people”.

V rolled her eyes “you dummy if you don’t eat you’ll overheat! Besides don’t you remember what she did to the campers? If she has drank their oil than there is no reason why you should feel guilty” she reasoned. N nodded. Honestly, he still felt bad but decided to eat only what he needs to survive.

Half an hour later N and V flew back to the pod only to see Uzi’s visor flashing through various menu screens at rapid pace.

“Uzi!?” N ran to his best friend’s side looking panicked.

V sighed in annoyance, what was that purple thing doing now? She read the text displayed on Uzi’s visor. “She’s accessed her memory files. What the hell could she be doing?” V growled.

N displayed a look of worry on his visor, then a look of determination. He headed over to Uzi’s slightly battered laptop. V glared at him.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“I need to help Uzi!”.

Before V could argue N logged himself in, I don’t know what’s happening but I’m here for you Uzi, he thought.

In her memory files

Uzi woke up with a sigh and a stretch. Her house was empty, her father Khan had already gone to work, typical. Begrudgingly, she shrugged on her trademark hoodie and headed out to school. The worker drone was unaware of the dog looking nervously at her, padding silently behind her.

‘Gold-N Retriever’ snuck into Uzi’s classroom. He was almost certain the Teacher had spotted him and was baffled by the old worker drone’s disinterest in the intrusion. Nevertheless, N hid under the table keeping an eye on his best friend.

Scanning the classroom, he recognised a few familiar drones. Thad the ever-cheerful jock, Lizzy the popular girl, and Doll. He shivered, Doll’s eyes seemed to be a different colour.

“Alright class last lesson I told you to get into groups” The teacher glanced across the room landing on Mr Doorman’s daughter.

“Uzi why haven’t you got a partner?”

N looked closely at Uzi’s face, he was hidden in a bin now beside her desk which was surprisingly spacious.

“Lots of people wanted me to” Uzi lied.

“No, we didn’t you freak us out” Lizzy retorted.

Uzi was clearly ticked off by this and decided to hide in the bin shouting her classic phrase “bite me” before closing the lid. N shrunk back not wanting to disturb her, she was clearly upset. N couldn’t stand how mean people were, how dare they be so cruel?

“Uzi are you okay?” N whispered concerned. Uzi freaked out and caused the bin to tip over, falling out of it. Before anyone could say anything, she glared at everyone in the class and pulled the bin out the room. N knew he messed up.

Uzi stopped in an empty classroom and kicked the bin threateningly.

“Who are you? How do you know my name?” the feisty worker drone snarled.

N, slightly intimidated, climbed out of the trash can in his dog form- username displayed over his head. Uzi glanced at this.

“Gold-N Retriever?” she no longer sounded angry just curious.

N decided it was best to explain EVERY\THING.

Just then, a mysterious force pulled “Gold-N Retriever” out of the memory. He found himself beside Uzi, he was safe…. Wait Uzi?



The two drones stared at each other. N had no doubt, this was his Uzi. Uzi glared but then her gaze softened.

“What are you doing here N?” Uzi said quietly “Or should I say Gold-N Retriever?” she smirked at the nickname.

“I was worried about you” a blush appeared on N’s visor that Uzi couldn’t ignore. “What are you doing Uzi?”.

“Just sorting about my memory files”.

N frowned “that’s not all is it?” he said quietly.

Uzi’s eyes hollowed. N saw through her façade like he always did, dam it! Embarrassed (blushing slightly) she tried to figure out what to say.

N gave her an encouraging smile, the smile that melts her heart. She couldn’t lie to N, that would be wrong, it was like kicking a puppy (ironically, he exactly is one in this form).

N broke the silence. “They really weren’t nice to you back in the colony” He transformed into his normal self, and rested a hand on his best friend’s shoulder. He knew life was tough for her, heck her own father left her for dead, but seeing the way she was treated made him even more sad.

Before Uzi could argue, N pulled her into a hug. “I’m here for you Uzi”.

Uzi was still for a second before wrapping her arms around N, feeling her core beat faster as she did so, feeling digital tears form. She knew what to do, her mind was made up.

N looked around at the inner workings of Uzi’s mind. He was fascinated peering at flashes of her memories and past experiences. One thing came in his head.

“Beautiful” N muttered.

Uzi looked up surprised and confused “what?”.

“Oh biscuits!” N’s visor was all blush, he was heating up “I-I think your organised memories are beautiful… Mine are all jumbled” he laughed awkwardly, praying Uzi believes him. Why did he say that out loud? N knew why, he loved Uzi Doorman.

Uzi, a angsty spitfire that brightened his world. He would do anything for her, he wanted to make her happy. But an amazing worker drone like her would never have feelings for a murder machine like him…

Who programmed that? (N x Uzi) - Chapter 1 - SquirtleMaster (2024)
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