WILL MARK AS BRAINLIESTEvery Potato Peel And Scrap Of Meat Fat Has A Monetary Value Attached To It, And (2024)

Arts High School


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I think this is true because my health teacher said something like that to me before.

Answer 2

True, every potato peel and scrap of meat fat has a monetary value attached to it, and smart plotting out budgets and menus.

What is monetary value?

The amount that would be paid in cash for an item or service if it were sold to a third party is its monetary worth. For instance, the price of tangible assets, intangible assets, labor, and commodities is determined by their market worth.

The term "monetary" refers to money, particularly the total quantity of money in a nation. To prevent inflation, several nations tighten their monetary policies.

Something pertaining to money or currency is what is meant by the word "monetary." One example of a monetary system is the one in which people pay using dollar bills and other types of paper money.

The monetary worth of all products and services generated in a nation over a certain time period is known as the gross domestic product (GDP). It is a gauge of a nation's economic expansion. In general, rising GDP results in rising per capita income.

Learn more about monetary value, here



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How does sherlock holmes discover about the hound of the baskervilles



Holmes has discovered, is actually in line to inherit the Bakersville fortune, and as such is the prime suspect.


As Holmes has found, the Bakersville fortune is in his family, and he is the major suspect. By using Sir Henry as bait, the Hound of the Baskervilles is able to capture the criminals in the act.

Who was Sherlock Holmes?

Holmes refers to himself as a "consulting detective" in the novels, and Holmes is known for his mastery of observation, deduction, forensic science.

Sherlock has remarkable logical thinking, which he employs when investigating crimes for a variety of clients, including Scotland Yard.

Thus, Holmes found the suspect in his family.

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I need a title for my story about someone who was trapped in his car during a blizzard



"The White Cage."

"The Snowy Outside."


I don't know if this will help because it sounds like a poem title lol

Some ideas I have:

1. “Trapped”
(Very basic ik lol)

2. “Lost out in the Snow”
(Based on when people are lost out in the ocean)

3. “Blinded by the Snow”

Describe at least three types of window treatments and a window situation where they would be best applied. What care requirements does each type have?


Answer:Hard Window Treatment

Panel Tracks

roman shades

hope its help

What is the first step when creating a charcoal drawing?
A. Draw a surface line
B. Add a cast shadow
C. Draw a dark outline
D. Select a viewpoint or photo to draw from



B sorry if I'm wrong



I think A


But I am probably wrong

How did the artist draw the viewer's attention to the focal point in this painting?

Form and emphasis
Line and space
Space and form
Texture and pattern



form and emphasis:


Emphasis is the principle of art that helps the audience put the story of a painting together in their own minds. Any object or area of emphasis is called a focal point. The focal point is meant to be the part of an artwork to which the viewer's eyes are first attracted.

Form and emphasis because he focused on mainly the shape and how interpret it

3. Some have called jazz music "America's classical music." What is meant by this statement?
Do you agree or disagree?



Jazz has often been called "America's classical music," and I agree with this assertion for several reasons. First of all, jazz can be considered "classical" because of some similarities it has with European classical music. Both genres are mostly instrumental. Both require an extremely high level of skill from musicians, and both are important and respectable types of musical expression.


Moreover, jazz is a uniquely American phenomenon. This is because it originated from various American sources, such as blues and ragtime.

The most significant influence on the and art of Eugene Boudin was his?



The most significant influence on the life and art of Eugène Boudin was his friendship with Claude Monet.


his friendship was the best influence.

Explain art in the Dark ages


The visual arts prospered during Middles Ages, which created its own aesthetic values. The wealthiest and most influential members of society commissioned cathedrals, churches, sculpture, painting, textiles, manuscripts, jewelry and ritual items from artists.

explore reasons for the evolution of a artistic style



I dont know if this is an answer or what but


“Your artistic style is totally specific to you. ... “Just as you develop your Self and become more like “you” as you grow up, your artistic voice is doing the same thing. With every experience you have, your Self changes and grows, and with every piece of art you make, your style changes and grows.”

Who is the actress in the lens crafters commercial.


sharon stone is the actress

that would be Sharon Stone

What scene is depicted in the last supper? a. when jesus said goodbye to the apostles b. when jesus told the apostles that one of them would betray him c. when jesus told the apostles what would happen to him d. none of the above please select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d


During the last supper, Jesus said that one of the apostles would betray him. "I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me." He said.
Judas is the apostle that betrayed him.
Peter did not betray him, but denied his faith in Jesus. I hope this helps you! :)




how to get the answer with out the add



The more answers and achievements you get the less you'll have to watch an ad before seeing an answer.


Simply get out there and answer peoples questions, you may have to make sure you are signed in if that doesn't work. Often times it may register that you are not signed into a brainly account, causing more ads to pop up.

Hope this helps, brainliest is always appreciated :)

Have a great day! CX

How did calder’s work and moore’s work , two very different styles of modern sculpture,connect

Help me


The similarity that existed between the work of Moore and Calder is the fact thgat they made work that was visually the same.

The works of Calder

Calder is known for creating artworks that are three dimensional in nature. He made monumental sculptures.

The artwork of Moore

Moore was an artist that used drawings to create sculptures. He used his drawings to transform his work.

Read more on sculptures here: https://brainly.com/question/1504175


A - Both artists believed you had to experience their work to understand it


Correct on test yw :)

Can someone draw me two camels wrestling no color and it don’t have to be the best


Here are two camels wrestling hope I could help even though I’m not the greatest at art.

Some radio stations feature contemporary hits while others play country music. These differences are examples of


programming formats is when some radio stations feature contemporary hits while others play country music.

What are program formats?

Program Format serves as the format that determines the structure of a Program of Study.

The program format can be linked to an academic item that has a type of Program of Study

Learn more about Program Format at;


Which artist was inspired by the colours of fakarava atoll?.


Henri Matisse.

Henri Matisse would claim that colors were for setting oneself free. He spent three months in Tahiti in 1930, exploring as far as Fakarava, where he was enthralled by the infinite variety and shades of blue of the lagoon.

The new first cat in the white house shares its name with a film directed by who?.



The answer is Ron Howard


The cat was named after the film "Willow" which was directed by Ron Howard.

Hope that helps!

Who was the artist that advertised to a younger market?
Judith Scott
Kara Walker
Luis Jimenez
Andy Warhol

An advertisem*nt uses bright colors and cartoon characters. Which demographic does this target?
elderly couples

What is another term for target audience?
age group

What is the term given to a wealthy person who employs an artist to create artwork for their own personal collection?
seller's market
buyer's market

Who would be the demographic for an advertisem*nt that features a lunch box, heavy machinery, and work boots?
people who work in an office
people who work in a factory

giving brainliest



2. children

3. demographic

4. patron

5. people who work in a factory


it's pretty straightforward

1. The artist that advertised to a younger market was Andy Warhol.

2. An advertisem*nt uses bright colors and cartoon characters. This targets the children demographic.

3. Another term for target audience is demographic.

What is demography?

Demography is the statistical study of populations, particularly human populations. Demographic analysis investigates and quantifies the size and dynamics of populations.

It can apply to entire societies or groups based on criteria such as education, nationality, religion, and ethnicity.

The remaining answers are as follows:

4. The term given to a wealthy person who employs an artist to create artwork for their own personal collection is patron.

5. The demographic for an advertisem*nt that features a lunch box, heavy machinery, and work boots are people who work in a factory.

Therefore, all the questions are answered above.

To learn more about demography, click here:



In glass art, what are the four main properties it can have? Explain each



The four main properties/abilities of glass are:

transparentreflectivetransmit absorb


Glass Art

Glass art is a form of art which uses glass in a creative way. It is also a form of art that relies heavily on light to enhance its appeal and beauty.


A property of glass which permits light to pass through.


A property of glass which casts light back.


Allowing some light filters through.


Taking in light.

What's the number one item you would save from your burning house? (I would probably save my cat, or a family member if they were stuck inside)


Since I don't have a pet and I live alone, I prefer to save myself and my prestigious journal

These four notes are equal in rhythmic duration to:
a. two quarter notes.
b. two eighth notes.
c. one half note.
d. one whole note.


These four notes are equal in rhythmic duration to two eighth notes. Thus, option B is correct.

What is the duration of the music?

Duration can be defined as the part where how much or how long a note will last. depending upon the note and the use in music the duration will sometimes be defined the duration would be just some Millisecond, but sometimes it can be long as a person can stretch depending upon the use.

The rhythmic duration from these four notes is equivalent to that of two eighth notes.

Eighth notes are symbolized by a single note stem including one note flag plusan oval, packed note head. Usually, depending upon the whereabouts the note head is in relation to the center line of both the staff. Therefore, option B is the correct option.

Learn more about the duration of the music, here:



Is photography considered a type of art?
If so, could filtering/editing photography be digital art?


Answer: No, Photography is not considered a type of art.

Explanation: because it lacked something beyond mere mechanism at the bottom of it. "At best, critics viewed photography as a useful too fir painters to record scenes that they may later more artfully render with their brushes.

Photography is an art, although not everyone agrees and it’s up to the person if they consider it an art or not.

Since it’s an art, filtering/editing photography could be considered digital art but it’s just the process most photographers do to make their photos the way they want it. Same reason traditional/digital artists sometimes edit their art.

What does David's expression suggest?
а. that he is deep in thought
b. that he is confident
С. that he is a focused warrior
d that he is about to encounter danger
Please select the best answer from the choices provided



d.that he is about to encounter danger please select the best answer from the choices provided

C.that he is focused warrior

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? (It could be a fictional place or a place that you have made yourself, add a ton of detail if you want)


I have always wanted to settle in Morocco

It's blue streets that I've heard of...the sea

everything is so pristine. I'm not a fan of big houses and cities but I am living in a city right now. Morocco seems calm. I shall see it first then decide whether to settle or not

Create a 1- 2-minute vocal masque on the topic of your choice. This is an
independent assignment - your mark is based solely on your effort, work, and


Send me your app tenz
Let me drop

You are preparing to graduate with a degree in photography, and being the extremely organized person that you are, you want to outline the various job options that you could pursue post-graduation. What might this list look like and include? Identify at least five popular types of photography, what they entail, and why they might appeal to you.


The five popular types of photography include the following:

Landscape Photography - It captures natural environment and is usually shot in a shot in a horizontal orientation.Wildlife Photography - it captures wildlife in their natural environment.Aerial photography - This is taken from the air.Sports / Action Photography - This involves capturing objects or individuals in motion.Portrait Photography - This involves capturing people and their personalities.

What is Photography?

This involves capturing light with the use of a camera in order to produce an image.

The different types of photography and how they can appeal to individual's choices can be seen listed above.

Read more about Photography here https://brainly.com/question/13600227

A painting titled escape into life by julie mehretu. the painting features bright and dark colors swirled on a light background. where is the artist of the painting above originally from?


The artist in the above painting was created by a man named Julie Mehretu, the artist is from Ethiopia.

What do you mean by the term Painting?

Painting simply refers to the act of using paint to capture expressions and ideas, to decorate, and to serve as a protective covering.

They are different types of painting in works of art. Some of these include the following:

Oil PaintingPencil SketchWatercolor PaintingColor pencil drawingAcrylic paintingCoal DrawingPicture DrawingSpray Drawing

Hence, A painting titled escape into life by Julie mehretu, and the artist is from Ethiopia.

Learn more about Painting:



Julie Mehretu.


For contemporary printmakers, what advantages (if any) do linoleum matrixes have over woodblocks for relief printing


Linoleum is inexpensive, creates clean sharp images, and is easily worked.

Why were bruegel’s work and subjects favored by local scholars, merchants, and bankers? a. they commissioned him for many landscapes. b. he once was once a baker. c. they appreciated his political, social, and religious themes. d. all of the above please select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d



c. they appreciated his political, social, and religious themes.


Describe the project Schwartzberg is working on. What lesson is the elderly man trying to teach?


Louie Schwartzberg has become intimately familiar with nature through his award-winning time-lapse photography. Hence, he is working 9n video photography.

Objects being worked on and the lesson

Although countless parts of nature thrill Louie, he tells claims that his recent work capturing slow-motion shots of hummingbirds, bees, bats and butterflies on film is what he's most excited about.

Therefore, he is trying to teach humans to be part of what it feels like to be part of its world.

learn more about video photography: https://brainly.com/question/1155469

WILL MARK AS BRAINLIESTEvery Potato Peel And Scrap Of Meat Fat Has A Monetary Value Attached To It, And (2024)
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